WEBO is a high-end, web-based groupware solution featuring a Portal page, Calendar, Address book, Notes, and Tasks modules. Here is a list of WEBO features, not limitative as WEBO is evolving quite fast.
Desktop The Desktop is the portal page of WEBO. It aggregates small modules, called pagelets. Any WEBO module can be a Pagelets provider. For instance the Calendar module provides a "Today's ovorview" with events list Tasks module provides a compact form to add a Todo without leaving the Desktop page, Help module provides a "Today's tip" pagelet etc...

The Desktop also presents a set of shortcuts to quickly access main Webo functions.
Both pagelets and shortcuts are user-configurable.
Desktop Features List
  • Desktop is the central page of WEBO, providing an overview of your calendar, tasks, etc...
  • Global search of items (meetings,contacts,todos,notes)
  • Merge your favorites Web informations on a single page, using the webcache system.
  • Compose a personal Desktop from a large choice of available pagelets.
  • Extend Webo by creating your own pagelets. A tutorial is in preparation
Address Book
  • List and Visit Cards views
  • Searching, Filtering and sorting capabilities
  • Complete : over 20 informations in a contact card
  • Groupware features : share contacts you choose with other user groups : members of your service, a project team, etc....
  • Integration with other Webo Modules: invite contacts to a meeting, assign a todo...
  • Mass edit for specific fields
  • Export to vcard format
  • Day, Week, Month and Year views
  • Invite other Webo users or Contacts taken from your Address Book
  • New / modified events can be notified by Email and on your Desktop Page
  • Search calendar on category, summary and date
  • Country-specific holidays support
  • Commemorative day reminder which are domain specific : World history, Computer related, etc...
Todos / Tasks List
  • Todo can be assigned a higher priority, a due date, a completion percent. categorisation is also supported
  • Sorted List view with advanced capabilities
  • Smart filters : Todo list can be filtered based on column title ( somewhat similar to Microsoft Excel Filters)
  • Special icons to quickly see late todos and todos with high priority
  • Assign a todo to another collaborator.
  • Under developpment : A planner View ( sort of Gantt chart), statistics (Efficency, average time,..)
Global features
  • Configurable Portal Page : the Desktop
  • Page printing support
  • User-based configuration of most WEBO modules
  • Multi-language support. (btw. your help is welcome to provides other translations)
  • Theme support : user-based personlization of stuffs like colors, text style, background image...
  • Under construction : Contextual Help pages, Administration module